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5 Must-Haves for Choosing the Right Chiropractor


Hey parents! We are so grateful for you being a part of our community, whether connecting on socials, our website or have physically visited our practice, we know that you have likely witnessed the absolutely heartwarming sight of numerous kids joyfully exploring our practice. However, the truth is that Experience Life Chiropractic is set apart for many reasons other than just being pediatric focused, fun decorations, and caring conversations with Dr. Daryn (even though those are great qualities we display here!). 


In this blog, we are diving into and explaining the 5 key elements that truly set us apart from other chiropractic offices. Armed with this knowledge, you not only will have the ability to make informed decisions about your child’s health but also become a great resource and guide for friends and family seeking similar care.


The 5 Must-Haves in a Pediatric Chiropractor

1. Advanced Pediatric Education + Training


In our office, we understand that that education is just a part of being truly knowledgeable, especially when it comes to caring for your child. This is why our team is dedicated to going above and beyond by seeking additional, advanced, and current training, which is an absolute must when it comes to caring for your children’s health. 


Our entire team (yes that includes our care advocate!) are in ongoing training and making sure we are always up to date with any and all of the latest advancements in pediatric chiropractic care. Our belief is that thorough continuous involvement in advanced training is crucial for delivering the best care for your children.


Your care team needs a skilled Pediatric Chiropractor dedicated to advancing their knowledge, improving their skills, and striving for better clinical outcomes. Attending weekly training is how we not only meet but exceed that criterion. As proud members of the PX Docs network, we engage in specialized training, staying at the forefront of the Pediatric Chiropractic advancements. Your child deserves the best and we’re committed to providing just that! 

2. High Level of Clinical Experience


At Experience Life Chiropractic it’s not just about the number of years we’ve been around, it’s about the quality of experience we bring to the table. Our Pediatric Chiropractor has undergone rigorous training and specialized programs addressing the unique challenges your child might face and other children face often.


We believe in the power of concentrated training and hands-on experience, dedicating a significant percentage of our focus to pediatric care. Handling complex cases is our forte, from Autism to ADHD, Anxiety to Seizures, even Sensory Processing Disorder. Your child’s wellbeing is our priority.

3. Incorporates Advanced Neurological Examinations

Wondering if your Pediatric Chiropractor is using cutting-edge technology? In our practice we use INSiGHT scanning technology – safe for infants, young children, and pregnant mamas, not just relying on basic exams like posture and palpitation. This is what sets our examinations apart from other offices, going beyond typical exams. We delve into the intricate functions of the central and autonomic nervous systems. The Neuro Thermal, EMG, and HRV scans included in the technology provide invaluable insights that play a huge role in the comprehensive understanding of your child’s health. This approach ensures personalized care plans and continuous progress evaluation. 


We often hear people who have been to a chiropractor before and never received continuous attention to progress assessments. It’s important to consider the incorporation of scanning technology. Parents tend to notice chiropractors not utilizing scanning technology then adjusting children in a repetitive and identical way. Providing the best care for your child is our goal; doing this through innovative and effective methods is how we make it possible.

4. Utilizes a Multitude of Adjusting Techniques

Every child is unique and, as parents, you always want the best for your little ones. Our team has dedicated time and expertise to master all available chiropractic techniques. We focus on choosing the right techniques tailored to the specific needs of your child rather than relying on personal preferences. 


It might seem complex, but the core concept is simple: each case is unique. We consider factors like birth trauma, exposure to toxins, illnesses, and emotional stress that contribute to an individualized case history for every child. Failing to consider these factors and neglecting the customization of adjusting technique and approach to each child’s specific needs may hinder positive clinical outcomes. 


We take no cookie-cutter approaches or cutting corners; our team’s focus is your individual child and their specific needs.

5. Recommends a Customized Care Plan

When it comes to caring for your child, frequency and duration of care are critical. Your specific care plan is backed by science to ensure your child receives the right adjustments at the perfect time, promoting positive, lasting neurological changes.


Some general family chiropractors offer generic or sporadic care plans.  On the other hand, we focus on neurological improvements in stressed and subluxated children. A personalized approach is what really matters: care plans driven by data and shaped by experience, which is what your child needs for the best results.


Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

Feeling a bit unsure on what to do? We’re here to support you! Our team is composed of caring and experienced people; we get your worries! We are ready to talk about how chiropractic has made a positive difference on our families. We want to share our experiences and have open conversations with you.


Engage with Us: Post questions, leave comments, or send us a direct message. Your curiosity fuels our commitment to providing the information you need.

Share the Knowledge: Extend a helping hand to other parents by sharing this post within your social circles, family, and relevant online communities.

Take Action: Dive deeper by reading associated articles on our website, registering for workshops, or check out PX Docs articles.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Experience Life Chiropractic today!  If you are not local to us, check out our PX Docs directory to find a trained and ready PX Doc near you. Remember, the well-being of your child rests in your capable hands, and we’re here to help, empower, and support you along the way.

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